10 Seaview, Long Beach Road, Chancery Lane, Christ Church, BARBADOS


Our History

Barbados Rental Villa

10 Seaview Long Beach is situated on the south east coast of Barbados.

The surrounding cliff area has been designated a place of special and archaeological interest. About 600 years ago the Arawaks settled in this area. A very high evolved spiritual tribe. It is said they they undertook many rituals and protected Barbados from any calamities. Barbados has had few major disasters or hurricane catastrophes. It is believed that they on-going protection in the area and to the island has kept it safe over the many centuries.

The area around 10 Seaview Long Beach has a very calming and soothing feeling. In a way you can feel the tranquil and protected energy of these people, leaving you in a very relaxed state. There is an inner healing that happens here, which many guests have shared.


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Seaview Long Beach, 10 Long Beach Road, Chancery Lane, Seaview, Christ Church, (Barbados)