10 Seaview, Long Beach Road, Chancery Lane, Christ Church, BARBADOS



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The welcome and arrangements were fantastic! The villa is less than 15 minutes from the airport, so I was glad I didn’t have to go 45 minutes to the west coast. The views are amazing! We had access to the villa vehicles so it was easy to get around. Nothing is really that far on the island, and the villa is close to all the main highway points. This is a stay you will not regret!


This is a villa based in the South Coast, that is so different to the West Coast. I preferred the quietness and not being in such a congested area full of hotels side by side or apartment blocks. This location is entirely different to the run of the mill place and yet has all the trimmings and style of the West Coast. You will not regret a stay at Seaview Long Beach!


This is a villa that is extraordinary! It has so many cute spots and so spread out, that you feel you have all the room in the world! Even though it is in a quiet and secluded place of the South Coast, make no mistake,  you are only a few minutes from Miami Beach and 10 minutes from Oistins. St Lawrence Gap is about 15 minutes away, and the supermarkets are nearby. This is a place that has the best of both worlds!


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Seaview Long Beach, 10 Long Beach Road, Chancery Lane, Seaview, Christ Church, (Barbados)